Experience divine power

Imagine an application that takes care of all of your most vital needs as a business, a powerful tool that you actually enjoy using. This is the perfect tool for companies in the service industry such as consultant-companies or any other organisation providing services by the hour. Sounds like a myth?
Well it kind of is...

All in one solution

Most organisations out there are burdened by the fact that people have to jump between many different systems and tools to get through the day. Oden offers you all this in one single application, making the processes smoother, faster and more enjoyable!

Revolutionary user experience

The user experience in Oden is designed with gamification principles to ensure that it is easy, effortless and even fun to use. Point, click, drag and drop - the experience feels light and easy even though the engine behind it is vastly complex and advanced.

Powerful Business intelligence

Great business intelligence is difficult, and time-consuming – until now. Since Oden has all your systems in one and all data available - day-to-day or even hour-to-hour analysis of your business has never been easier, or even possible.

The only companion you need

Oden is packed to the brim with all the tools you could possibly need. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more!

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Our family

Oden is a Chas Visual Management Company. We are proud to be part of one of the most award-winning IT-Companies in Sweden. Find out more at chas.se

Get in touch!

If you think this looks interesting, please contact us! We would love to talk to you about Oden and how it can help improve your business and make your life easier!



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Oden’s parent company Chas wins EBA Employer of the Year!

Oden is part of the Chas Visual Management family and we’re very proud of Chas’ victory in the European Business Award finals where they secured the Employer of the Year award.

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Releaseinformation Juli

Sommaren är äntligen här, och vi i Oden-teamet hoppas att allt går bra för er med Oden! Det har hänt en del grejer och vi vill informera om vad som utvecklats och förbättrats sedan senaste utskicket, samt informera om vad vi jobbar med framöver. Först och främst så har vi lanserat vår nya site oden.bi. […]

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