Experience divine power

Imagine an application that takes care of all of your most vital needs as a business, a powerful tool that you actually enjoy using. This is the perfect tool for companies in the service industry such as consultant-companies or any other organisation providing services by the hour. Sounds like a myth?
Well it kind of is...

All in one solution

Most organisations out there are burdened by the fact that people have to jump between many different systems and tools to get through the day. Oden offers you all this in one single application, making the processes smoother, faster and more enjoyable!

Revolutionary user experience

The user experience in Oden is designed with gamification principles to ensure that it is easy, effortless and even fun to use. Point, click, drag and drop - the experience feels light and easy even though the engine behind it is vastly complex and advanced.

Powerful Business intelligence

Great business intelligence is difficult, and time-consuming – until now. Since Oden has all your systems in one and all data available - day-to-day or even hour-to-hour analysis of your business has never been easier, or even possible.

The only companion you need

Oden is packed to the brim with all the tools you could possibly need. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you more!

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So how do i edit the features?

The features are editable from the "Features" option in the admin panel menu. Go there and try it out why don't ya!

So you’re a Decision Maker?
Great! One of the key principles in Oden is to give you as a decision maker all the information and tools you need to make smart, data-driven decisions. The fact that Oden will hold all information about your resources, reported time, costs, overhead, recruiting, revenue and sales makes it possible to easily analyze and generate quick reports on anything you need. The best part is that we have worked really hard to make the Business Intelligence part of Oden really fast and easy to use.
So you work with Human Resources?
Great! In Oden you will have the ability to track all resources progress with tools such as Journals, Career Statements, Experience Timeline and other great tools! You will also have all the information you need such as ICE-Information (In case of emergency), Adresses, Financial Information, Salaries, Social Information, Skills and Work Roles. We also have a Mentorship-program, and you as a HR-Person will be able to create events that your resources can RSVP to right in the time-report calendar.
So you work with Recruitment?
Great! Do we have some awesome tools for you! You can add possible recruits and track them with statuses, tags, journals and lots of other information. But one of the best part is that you can put your own Oden recruit-form on your website and receive applications straight into Oden! Our recruiting tools is closely integrated with our sales-tools so that you and your sales-persons can work together to recruit people to match an ongoing sales-opportunity.  
So you work in Sales?
Great! One of our unique features is on the prospecting-side. In Sweden you will have access to a complete database of ALL registered companies in Oden, you can search and find companies based on lots of different demographic data to find potential leads. Then you can track your sale-opportunity through statuses and journals all the way to a successful sale. Use our state-of-the-art statistic engine to analyze your progress to improve to work more efficiently.  
So you want to Time Report?
Great! We've worked hard to make day-to-day time reporting easy as a breeze! It's as easy as dragging and dropping a task in to a calendar. It's super-easy to see summaries for current month, pension, vacation and anything else you would like to know! Oden will mail you to ask if you want to report the same tasks again, and you can do that by just clicking a link in the mail.
User Friendly
We are constantly working hard to make sure that your every-day tasks are easy and not cumbersome.
Cloud Service
Access Oden from anywhere, everything is safely stored in the cloud.
Together with the Matching, Prospecting and CRM features we provide an extremely powerful Sales Tool. The unique way we combine all these features is unheard of. Get in touch and we'll tell you about it!
Human Resources
Keep a close eye on your resources with contact information, tags, mentorships, career statements, experience timelines, journals and confidential documents. Leave no one behind!
Document Management
Oden can help you to store and manage documents related to resources and companies.
Mobile Apps
Our time-reporting app helps your colleges report in time, and our family of apps will just increase in the future!
When putting a recruitment-form on your website you will receive applications straight into Oden where you can review, comment, follow status and match new recruits against current sales opportunities!
Handle all your business-contacts in an easy way. Keep journals, track all events with the companies, review ongoing projects and agreements. All integrated with other features in Oden.
Social Functions
Get an events-calendar with RSVP right where you time-report and send "Kudos" to one another for encouragement. Oden brings your people together!
Oden API
The Oden API opens up for all kinds of interesting integrations with mobile apps, desktop-screens and more! We can help you design and develop customized solutions.
Business Intelligence
The key idea with Oden is that when you have all features on the same platform we can deliver probably the most comprehensive, user-friendly drag-and-drop, minute-to-minute Business Intelligence tool on the market. All numbers and data is available to you in an easy to use interface. Quit guessing, with Oden you know.
In Oden you have access to a complete database of all registered companies in Sweden. It's an extremely powerful way to find leads, make call-lists, follow progress with the company journal, divide responsibilities in your sales-force and create opportunities!
Matching resources against sales-opportunities becomes extremely powerful when you, in one simple view, can match opportunities towards existing resources or possible recruitments and follow their progress all the way to a successful sale.
Financial Overview
With the Financial Overview you can keep track of your resources reported time and compare reported time to expected hours to help keep track of unexpected absence. You can also keep track of your generated revenue, cost and overhead and then compare everything with last years result.
Time Reporting
Time Reporting is never fun. That's why we've focused on making one of the most joyful and simple time reporting tools on the market. Drag and drop your hours straight in to a calendar, see live status of your worked time, absence, vacation, pension and more!

Our family

Oden is a Chas Visual Management Company. We are proud to be part of one of the most award-winning IT-Companies in Sweden. Find out more at chas.se

Get in touch!

If you think this looks interesting, please contact us! We would love to talk to you about Oden and how it can help improve your business and make your life easier!

Andreas Melin | Chief Operating Officer
+46 70 657 53 30

Viktor Erlingsson | Sales & Integration Manager
+46 72 732 78 10


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Oden’s parent company Chas wins EBA Employer of the Year!

Oden is part of the Chas Visual Management family and we’re very proud of Chas’ victory in the European Business Award finals where they secured the Employer of the Year award.

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